Danger: An I Ching Mystery

My mystery novel, Danger: An I Ching Mystery, the first in a planned series of I Ching Mysteries, is now available as a paperback and Kindle e-book at Amazon.com.


DangerTimesTwoCoverHere is the link for the paperback:


Here is the link for the Kindle edition:


You can learn more about Danger Times Two and read the Preface and first two chapters here.

Mickey Friedman

Mickey Friedman is a writer and filmmaker. In previous lives, he delivered newspapers, was a file clerk, operated a switchboard, was a caretaker, worked the front desk at the last of Alice’s restaurants, started food co-ops, and taught at a junior high, two colleges, and graduate school. He quit some of these jobs and was fired from others.

He has made films about small town life in Monterey, Massachusetts, Edith Wharton, Nicaragua, breast cancer, GE’s PCB-contaminated of Pittsfield, MA and the Housatonic River, and one young soldier’s year in Iraq, You can learn more about the films he has made and download them here at FILMS.

He has written plays for children and adults, including “Songs From The Heart: Edith Wharton,” “Emily,” and “World Beyond The Hills,” about W.E.B. DuBois.

His oral history of Junius Scales and his wife Gladys and daughter, Barbara was published in 2009 by the University of Illinois Press. You can learn more about “A Red Family” here and at aredfamily.com.

He is now on second stint as a part-time newspaper columnist. You can read his earliest columns for The Berkshire Record here, and his most recent columns on redcrownews.com.

To pay for his wildly excessive lifestyle, he occasionally builds websites. And once a week tries his hand at poker.

He is hard at work on a series of mysteries based on the I Ching. His first of the series, “Danger: An I Ching Mystery” will be published by Red Crow Books and will be available shortly on Amazon.com.